The art of Fingerprint Reading through
Science of Dermatoglyphics

CDC Online Module – Level 1

7 pm – 8:30 pm  Every Friday & Saturday

Total 8 Sessions (12 hours) | INR 2999/- Only | US$ 45

New Batch starts every 1st Friday of the Month

Fee includes – Training / Soft copy of course materials
e-certification / online tests and assessments

Now that people are comfortable with the online learning mode , we at CFMID are making an endeavour to impart training in the field of dermatoglyphics through regular batches. Our aim is to develop a strong community of counselors / consultants who can spearhead the mission of helping humanity undertake development based on Inborn Intelligence. With this objective in mind , we are opening up our online learning module for anyone to come and learn from our experienced trainers.

Learning new subjects, understanding new career options, building a parallel career by undertaking certification programs shall all pave the way for a better future for both the counselor and their respective clients. This program is open for all freshers in the area of Psychology, Education, Parent Counseling or Career Counseling / Career Guidance Services

Keeping this point in view, we at International Institute of Holistic Minds (IIHM) is proud to announce its

CDC – Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultant – Level 1
( CDC Online Module )

for professionals and young graduates working in the field of DMIT, Psychology, Teachers Training & Education.

The 4 C’s about CDC online module is

The program being an online one has helped us to offer a discount of 88% as compared to our live 3 day training program where a major part of the fee is spent towards logistics, travel, stay and food.

Online Module gives you an opportunity to seek knowledge and build a parallel career. This effort in learning will enable you to professionally take up Dermatoglyphics as a tool and thereby impact lives of Children, Parents , Educationists and Corporates.

Needless to say, being an online module , you can sit at the comfort of your home and gain access to immense knowledge and upgrade your skills.

The certificates will be emailed to all the participants who would complete the 12 hour course. ( in that stipulated month )


The 8 days online workshop will enable the participants to become a

Level 1 – Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultant

by International Institute of Holistic Minds (IIHM) which is the virtual knowledge dissemination division of CFMID Limited and ADRC– Malaysia.

Get Trained for INR 2999 or USD 45

Do you know? Many of students already registered!

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Course Module

  • Introduction to Dermatoglyphics
  • Brief on History on Dermatoglyphics
  • Why DMIT and how is it beneficial?
  • Understanding Brain Lobes and its functions.
  • Multiple Intelligence – MI
  • Application of MI
  • Learning and communication Styles
  • TFRC – Total Finger Ridge Count
  • Personality types
  • Fingerprint Patterns
  • Report Analysis
  • Effective & Ethical Consultation / counseling
  • Conscious Parenting approach techniques
  • Technological advancement in Dermatoglyphics
  • Online Tests and Assessments

CDC Training Program For

  • You are already running a DMIT Company but struggling to handle queries of franchisee/customers about the concept.
  • You are a DMIT franchise aiming to sell DMIT reports but unable to get reference business.
  • You are unable to satisfy your clients after the report is generated.
  • You are unable to interpret the report readings correctly and require more clarity about various parameters.
  • You are not completely satisfied with the quality that is being delivered during the counseling sessions.
  • You have a lot of contacts but unable to convert it into sales.
  • You have the best product with best counseling techniques but no international certification and affiliation.
  • You have a lot of ideas to generate better reports and deliver quality counseling sessions but face challenges at the implementation stage.
  • You are keen to enter into the DMIT industry but are confused due to too much information or lack of right and authentic information and research material.
  • You want to grow to the next level by adding a new line of products and understanding the future possibilities.
  • You want a platform to meet, learn from and network with other participants who are pioneers in this industry.

Why CDC Training Program

  • To become a certified Dermatoglyphics Consultant affiliated to IIHM.
  • To be able to understand the concept of Dermatoglyphics.
  • To learn effective counseling / consultation techniques to guide all age groups.
  • To be able to interpret the readings correctly.
  • To be able to decode Multiple Intelligence components.
  • To be able to determine an individual’s natural skills and abilities to assist individuals in planning their careers and improving social skills.
  • To be able to learn behavior modification techniques.
  • To be able to guide the adults with anger, conflict and time management techniques using their basic personality traits.
  • To become a permanent International Associate Member of International Institute of Holistic Minds.

About Speaker

Ramya Sundar

Independent Director, CFMID Limited
Founder, Brain-O-Pedia

About Guest Lecturer

Marcus Leng

Co-Founder, CFMID Limited
CEO, ADRC – Malaysia

Glimpse of CDC


International Institute of Holistic Minds

Established in 2015, International Institute of Holistic Minds is the knowledge-sharing platform jointly managed by Asian Dermatoglyphics Research Centre (ADRC) and CFMID Limited.

Our mission is to enable people to lead meaningful lives in the community by providing personalized quality training and support. We understand that each person is an individual and each brain is particular to that individual therefore our approach is to provide a custom-made training and care programme specific to their needs that will help to maximize their abilities.

IIHM was founded on the belief that with the correct environment and appropriate supports people can live a meaningful life in the community. If you maximize ability you can change lives.

We respond to people by providing a range of pioneering, flexible and tailor-made services.

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IIHM has been involved in significant partnerships with the Health Service Executive across the country, delivering services locally in response to local need. This, while challenging, has brought very positive changes for thousands of people, their families and careers.


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International Institute of Holistic Minds (IIHM) aspires to inspire people worldwide to discover their innate abilities and expand their inner resources to become cosmic citizens. IIHM endeavors to reach out to people in developing their capacities in the following domains such as Thinking, Emotions, Self-regulation, Physical, Interpersonal, Spiritual and Moral.


The future belongs to the empires of the Holistic Minds

New Batch starts every 1st Friday of the Month

Fee includes – Training / Soft copy of course materials e-certification / online tests and assessments